It just came to my mind. Last year at this very summer. I was up late playing Plants vs. Zombies trying to surpass as many levels in the the final portion of the game wherein the stages are just unlimited. It was a craze that at lunch time, it was the game that I play and after office hours I would even stay late just to finish a few stages.

And now a year after, its the never ending battle of the birds to protect their nest from these nasty pigs. Angry Birds. I say this game is quite a chicken compared to Plants vs Zombies but fun too. Not to brag about it but I was able to finish the original Angry Birds in a week. And the Rio version was finished in less than a week.

Now, what’s my point here. I enjoyed both games so much. That I am wishing that there will be something like Plants Vs Zombies Vs Angry Birds! I can’t imagine how cool this would be! Pea shooters hitting zombies. Angry Birds bombing a three-peater! What a riot! Oh well, wishes of young kid at heart! Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂