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I remember a few years back when I was still at my junior year at Silliman, Mr. Menardo “Butch” Jimenez, VP for Smart Communications was the one who gave the commencement address for the graduating class and I believe that until this very day his speech made an impact in my life.  It was so much of an irony but what would we know that DESCENDING TO THE TOP is the best way to go (Read Mr. Jmenez’ speech here On the other hand, a few months ago I stumbled with what we can call a not so shocking event anymore, I was in Indonesia when the Singapore was exercising their voting rights and wherein results of that election proved Lee Kuan Yew has to step down to give way to a younger breed of leadership (Read

Lee Kuwan Yew has been in the position for quite a long time, I think longer than Marcos that even after him, Goh Chok Tong, a strong member of their party took over as the Prime Minister. So what is my point with rising to the top and stepping down? Have you ever felt that we do all our best to rise to the top and at the same time when you reach the acme, going down is impossible? I am more than amazed with joint statment issued by Mr. Lee and Mr. Goh which reads explaining their reason for stepping down which reads “The time has come for a younger generation to carry Singapore forward in a more difficult and complex situation.” That made me think if Mr. Lee and Mr. Goh can do it, how hard could stepping down be?

For Filipinos? Hard enough. So hard enough that remaining in power has become a family affair in our country, that even when the last person with that powerful family name runs for office, that even a totally fucked up party list is accepting sons/daughters of the political families just to accommodate their desire to stay in power. I am one of those persons dreaming of a clean slate too in the Philippine government — no dues to pay from previous political family employers, no string attached transactions and absolutely no corruption. When former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced she was running for the House of Representative after her nine corruption ridden years as the country’s chief executive, it made me wish that I was no Filipino.Didn’t she get enough from staying in power for nine years? What else does she want? How about those families ruling certain provinces and cities wherein being politician has become their family business which helped create an empire of stolen lands?

I am even more perplexed when Mr. Lee said that he is proud of what he accomplished to what Singapore is now and is ready to pass the mantle. Rising to the top is now also that easy. Some people boast of what and who they are making it to the top but it take humility to ascend to the top. Humility knowing that you did not step on anybody, humility knowing that you need everybody to reach the country’s common goal and humility to accept the truth. And for Mr. Lee’s case, who would have thought that stepping down and away from power is not a dreadful situation at all but rather a time to look back with pride and accomplishment knowing that he did everything to make Singapore what it is now. For some Filipino politicians, stepping down is a shame. Stepping down is a chance for the government to run after one’s corrupt practices while in power. Who would have thought that stepping down is a nightmare that everyone should be afraid of in our country?

I am hoping and praying that this stigma will still change in this country. That every person will pursue humility on their way to the top that by the time they descend from power, they will only be proud of the accomplishments that they did for our country.


June marks the start of classes here in our country for most basic education units which is following the Philippine basic education curriculum. It signifies the start of the rigorous honing of the minds of young children that will set their path to whatever career they want to pursue in the near future. While for some children they are sent to private institutions wherein teachers are paid higher and are required by the administration to take several Masteral degrees to fully function as educator on the other hand the deteriorating public school system has been a constant problem of this country (let me discuss that on a separate entry). I for one am a son of an educator working for the government and I have seen how my mother has struggled on her own to impart the best education there is to her students even with the lacking funds from the government. I am not here to immortalize my mother as an educator but I am here to honor all educators (not teachers) around our country today.

I believe that educating the minds of these young people is one of the greatest sacrifice a citizen can offer his or her country. And by educating these people, educators are not merely reading textbooks, grading test papers and terrorizing students with oral recitations but these educators stir intellectual freedom, encourage achievement and increase the students’ self-worth. These educators offer more than what they can offer aside from their time and often times they also shed finances especially for public schools.

With this I salute, the educators of our country. They resemble the modern day heroes of this country. They are the epitome of selfless government workers who does not think of self-gain but more, they think of what future that they can offer their students by inculcating to them the value education.

I salute our educators who braved the blistering morning heat to reach secluded areas in our country just to impart knowledge to these areas.

I salute educators who in their own ways have helped provide informal education to places where education seemed impossible for a number of reasons where poverty is the main reason.

I could go on and on and on and on why I really value our educators that is why I still believe that there is still hope for the educational system in our country. As a wise saying goes that, “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.” Indeed it is. Until this very day the teaching profession has continually amazed me and taught me so many things that I will hold dearly.

To our Philippine Educators, I salute you! Thank you for your undying commitment to your profession. We look forward to how will shape the young minds for the next 10 months of this new school year! Cheers!

JUNE 2011

Whew! Half way through the year! Really amazed with the brevity of days. One time you are preparing for Media Noche and now we are on the sixth month of 2011 already. What makes this month special? Well for most students I believe June isn’t that special since its back to school already and for those working, good luck with terrible traffic once more as classes start tomorrow.

On the other hand, June is also the month to recognize the most important man in our lives, our Fathers. It’s Father’s Day next week! Well maybe next week I can post something for my dad.

What else? Except that June elated my excitement and dread also with the countdown towards the final installment of Harry Potter. It’s 40 days to go!

Well we are indeed halfway through the year and I pray that we can make to another 6 months of 2011.

Happy June everyone! 🙂

OK it’s time to rant. This is with regards to my few pet peeves that keeps bugging me everyday. This has been a usual thing already and it seems most Filipinos find these things acceptable but damn it, nobody learns and this culture of insensitiveness is really getting into my nerves. Ok its about being insensitive that ticks me off but these three things are the daily gauge of my patience.

COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME OUT FIRST! Damn it! Stupid idiot! That’s what my mind shouts when I am in an elevator and when the door opens, stupid idiot people would just rush in not realizing that the people who are supposed to go out from the elevator are still making their way through. I really want to shout for this *$^#*&%^#&^% stupidness of these people but it seems they just don’t care. They want to go in as if they are the only people who’s in a hurry, who will be missing a meeting!

STAY ON THE RIGHT AND EXCUSE ME WOULD BE A GOOD WORD. Another damned thing that I really hate and has become a Filipino culture is about using escalators, everybody is on a hurry and since this is the Philippines, putcha naman STAY ON THE RIGHT! Don’t flock as a group in the escalator if you’re not in a hurry because you are disrupting those people who are in hurry. And if you want to pass through somebody in the escalator EXCUSE ME is the right word or PARAAN PO if one cannot understand English.

ANG BAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand public restrooms smell awful. I mean who the heck in his right mind would want to smell the restroom. Well I for one am dreaming of waking each of waking up and smelling a clean restroom. And as what I said, smelly public restrooms is quite forgivable but a 20 plus floors corporate building with a stinking restroom is B*LLSH*T! Come on! Flush the urinals you are using when you’re done shaking it off. And it also disappointing to be working in a corporate setting where the restrooms stinks, what are the janitors doing? Are albatross and air fresheners that expensive nowadays? Jeeeesh!

OK. It makes me compare Filipinos with other nationalities especially with how organized they are especially with these three things that I have mentioned. It is just my wish that Pinoys would learn and put into practice these simple lesson of giving way and cleanliness. I mean this just tells us how we lack discipline. Big lessons comes from the daily dealings we do, and when we discipline ourselves to give way, say courteous word or even flush the urinals is something that would make an impact! I HOPE YOU GET IT!

Sacrifice. This sums everything that my mother has done. Sacrifice which only comes from the love that she felt for her children. For most mothers in the world, they are blessed to be called to this profession of being a mother. And today all over the world we celebrate and honor the mighty women who bore the us for 9 months, who took care of us and even kept vigil during our early years, spend time and money whenever we asked something during our elementary and high school years and were the first to cry when we left our homes as we entered college. To all the wonderful mothers around the globe, I salute you!

Personally, I am so thankful for a mom who did not only teach us of gaining material and earthly wealth but most importantly she taught us live a life that pleases God.

mama (on the right) during their presentation last April 2011 family reunion

To my mom, Dinah Rendaje Cayot-Perez, Happy Mother’s Day mama! Miko and I love you! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: Late post. I celebrated my birthday let’s say a few days earlier and it’s April. Things have been just busy lately so I am posting this post-birthday post. haha!

25 it is! For most of the time I don’t even think about how old I am since I still feel like at child at heart. I revel in simple wonders that I see and most of the time I get excited to experience little things that often only children would want to do. But then things change and hit me, I am indeed 25. Well for one I think growing does not really mean leaving that childish lifestyle (cause I really cannot imagine leaving it behind) but I believe that growing old does not mean leaving the youth in you but growing old is growing wiser. You might think that it is crazy to grow old, grow wise and still be young at heart but I guess I am able to keep these three altogether. The key to this seamless interconnection between the three is just positivity. Having that positive outlook in life makes growing old happier and less stressful. Growing wiser is one of the major major goals that I have in life that still positivity has a large impact on. And being young at heart is the prize for being positive.

It was some years ago that I am so scared of growing old (not that I resort to some anti aging processes) but now, I’m not. It’s what the years bring that makes me long to grow older. It’s the years of joy or maybe tragedies that will mold me and make me defy what I know. That’s what will make me even wiser. See, I have posted in one of FB stats that my ultimate goal is to lead to serve. I never thought I’d come to this day to acknowledged that leadership is not merely talking and signing documents in your table but it is serving.

Another year has been given and another year conquer and to succeed (in my God’s definition of success). I have only one wish for my birthday this year that for God to grant my Auntie who has been diagnosed with Cancer more years, strength and physical resistance for the treatment. Well this is more of my birthday prayer, that I continue to seek until God answers it and completely heals my Aunt from the big C.

This is quite a year for me but yes, I face it with the hope that God blesses the broken road and that He will open windows of blessings for me.

To everyone who have been with me through the tough and trying times and through the most funny and ecstatic moments, thank you! I am so blessed to have you around. I hope that for the next 25 years, you would be still around. And to my God, my Creator, Savior and Friend. Your Grace is indeed enough for me. Thank you!


Before I become busy with a Holy Week vacation let me put things into perspective first of why we have this long weekend. Most people nowadays just think that these days are just days for a long weekend where we (especially me) can just book a trip and go away from the Metro and spend it somewhere and have some fun under the sun. But then this is not just a mere long weekend holiday for us especially us Christians. This long weekend is not only a holiday but a commemoration of God’s love exemplified by the cross.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. This is a very familiar song for me since this song has been played in church over and over and over again. It tells us to embrace the cross, to bear the pain, to live for the ONE who gave HIS life. Amidst our “busy-ness” in preparing for outings and vacations over this week. I encourage everyone to first think of the CROSS and thank GOD for the love that HE gave. For unselfishly dying for our sins, that guilty as we are will experience the fullness of God’s forgiveness.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. To live our lives which is pleasing to our God. A life which lives for the glory of God and not for the applause of man.

This Holy Week, let us remember the CROSS or may I say let us not only remember the CROSS but let us EMBRACE the CROSS and most importantly thank our SAVIOR GOD for HIS amazing GRACE.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! 🙂


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