OK, this would be my second post regarding this issue and hopefully my last. This country has been plagued with so many more important issues rather than condoms, pills and contraceptives. I believe the country had had enough of one party threatening to excommunicate “ungodly” decision-makers and for the other party to incarcerate subversive behavior against the bill. There are more important headlines that the newspaper should publish for each Filipino to know and not only about the fight of radical people who believes that using a barrier device to contain semen is against life.


These amazing birth control measures were created not only to control the exploding number of population not only in our country. Condoms and contraceptives have been used in ages even from medieval times to protect those people who are in a more intimate relationship. As times have changed, these items are not only becoming an item for birth control but more of a reproductive health item which protects one from contracting unwanted sexual diseases.


Well as I have defined the use of these items they are barriers, not to life but barriers of unplanned events that eventually may affect his or her life. With the turn of events right now, I believe that this country has found a contraceptive to the achievement of the goal of passing the Reproductive Health Bill through the Catholic Church. I do not really know where the great opposition for the Bill came but it seems that this issue has been blown in proportion wherein the Catholic Church makes it to a point to meddle with the government not to pass the said Bill.


Well the RH Bill will really not solve poverty or lack of education in our country but what does is seek is to protect this country’s people from any sexually transmitted diseases and even unplanned events. The basis for RH Bill is not to deprive Filipinos from choice but more so to empower them to make the right choice. I believe that each and everyone us was given free will for us to decide what is right and what is wrong and even having a baby is something that we are free to decide not even the church so decide when. I believe that the Church has done good in reminding the country of the sanctity of life but more so the Church is there as a spiritual conscience the country in dire need of one but they are not there to DAMASO the country again into believing that what they say is always right.

What is the church’s say to a couple who has five children and earn only less than a hundred pesos a day and yet still wanted to enjoy the love and intimacy of being husband and wife? What is the church’s say to a couple who decides to wait to be more secure in life before they bear a child?

The examples I stated earlier are for those I often consider have a legal relationship but for other relationships outside what God has ordained, I still believe that abstinence is the key. Extramarital sex maybe an accepted thing nowadays and yes, it might be your choice to engage into such actions and yes RH Bill may protect you but there are things higher than what we humans can comprehend when it comes with the sanctity of life.

The issue is not about the “rightness” of the passage of the Bill but more the issue is about the choice one makes. Sometimes I believe that the Church is so righteous enough to take a stand against certain matters our country is facing but then I realize that there are so many skeletons in the closet of the Church that they often neglect acknowledge. What if the Church goes back to the basic and reminds them of the foundation of everything, faith? What if the Church focuses on growing godly men and women rather than throwing contemptuous words against the government? Even if the RH Bill is passed, when the faith of the people if truly anchored on the true conviction of right and wrong. Men and women would stand for right, never compromising their belief.

There are so many important battles that this country has to fight for, more life threatening. The RH Bill is indeed a big challenge for the Aquino Administration and I am looking forward to see that day that no power can stop this Administration from doing what they believe is best for the country.


Here’s one more read that I believe encapsulates also what I believe in http://www.dennissy.com/the-reproductive-health-bill-and-what-the-bible-says/