Often times if not all the times in our lives we are expected to deliver – to be something, to do something, to exceed, to be the best – yes, to deliver. It is as if the day is not enough to remind you that all the times in one way or another a single molecular being is expecting something from you well at least for the human body to eat something healthy or just to eat to satisfy a craving.


I find it quite amusing that in many ways delivering is a daily effort. And for most parts of our lives it has become a gauge of one’s human potential or how the society would understand who we are. Each day I believe we are confronted with expectations from every single bit of who we are. From the people we believe are an integral part of lives – family, friends, special someone, from the people who believes we are part of their lives, from the people who from the outside and have set an standard already for what we need to meet and of course from the other crazy circumstances that happens in our lives unexpectedly or even with thorough planning. So what am I saying here? I guess I reminded today that we need to deliver and in whatever capacity I can flex myself into – all kinds of personalities, shapes and sizes. J


Yes, you read that right, a lot is expected from every one of us and so what are we doing to deliver? Well for sure one important thing to do is to exert all effort humanly possible that we can to deliver. When you have exerted all your effort, certainly some thing good will come out of it. Do not be too harsh on yourself and levy too much expectation but always think to deliver. No one really has the power to understand our capacity but we ourselves, so try to deliver. If best is too much for you, then try try try to deliver. J