Two letters. One strong word — GO.

For most FIlipinos, this has become a daily language when one actually pursues something or just simply agrees to something be — it an idea, a weird project, a crazy business plan, a death-defying adventure or a scheduled rendezvous. An expression may of us are familiar with and often we have overly used in our daily dealings but have we really GONE?

Okay, so the dictionary in my macbook defines GO as (copied and pasted)

go 1 |gō|verb ( goes , going ; past went |went|; past part. gone |gôn; gän|)1 [ intrans. ] move from one place or point to another; travel : he went out to the store | she longs to go back home | we’ve got a long way to go.• travel a specified distance : you just have to go a few miles to get to the road.• travel or move in order to engage in a specified activity or course of action : let’s go and have a beer | [with infinitive ] we went to see her | [with present participle ] she used to go hunting.• ( go to) attend or visit for a particular purpose : we went to the movies | he went to Brown University.• ( go to) provide access to: : that door goes to the garage.• [in imperative ] begin motion (used in a starter’s order to begin a race) : ready, set, go!• ( go to) (of a rank or honor) be allotted or awarded : the top prize went to a twenty-four-year-old sculptor.• ( go into/to/toward) (of a thing) contribute to or be put into (a whole); be used for or devoted to : considerable effort went into making the operation successful.• pass a specified amount of time in a particular way or under particular circumstances : sometimes they went for two months without talking.• used to indicate how many people a supply of food, money, or another resource is sufficient for or how much can be achieved using it : the sale will go a long way toward easing thehuge debt burden | a little luck can go a long way.• (of a thing) lie or extend in a certain direction : the scar started just above her ankle and went all the way up inside her leg.• change in level, amount, or rank in a specified direction : prices went up by 15 percent.• informal used to emphasize the speaker’s annoyance at a specified action or event : then he goes and spoils it all | [with present participle ] don’t go poking your nose where you shouldn’t.• informal said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone : go and get stuffed.2 [ intrans. ] leave; depart : I really must go.• (of time) pass or elapse : the hours went by | three years went past.• come to an end; cease to exist : a golden age that has now gone for good | 11,500 jobs are due to go by next year.• leave or resign from a post : I tried to persuade the Chancellor not to go.• be lost or stolen : when he returned minutes later, his equipment was gone.• die (used euphemistically) : I’d like to see my grandchildren before I go.• (of a thing) be sold : all the produce went to the farmers’ market in Germantown.• (of money) be spent, esp. in a specified way : the rest of his money went into medical expenses.3 ( be going to be/do something) intend or be likely or intended to be or do something; be about to (used to express a future tense) : I’m going to be late for work | she’s going to have a baby.4 [ intrans. ] pass into a specified state, esp. an undesirable one : the food is going bad | her mind immediately went blank | he’s gone crazy.• ( go to/into) enter into a specified state, institution, or course of action : she turned over and went back to sleep | the car went into a spin.• happen, proceed, or be for a time in a specified condition : no one went hungry in our house.• make a sound of a specified kind : the engine went bang.• (of a bell or similar device) make a sound in functioning : I heard the buzzer go four times.• [with direct speech ] informal say : the kids go, “Yeah, sure.”• ( go by/under) be known or called by (a specified name) : he now goes under the name Charles Perez.5 [ intrans. ] proceed in a specified way or have a specified outcome; turn out : how did the weekend go? | it all went off smoothly.• be successful, esp. in being enjoyable or exciting : the hosts had to struggle to make things go.• be acceptable or permitted : underground events where anything goes.• (of a song, account, verse, etc.) have a specified content or wording : if you haven’t heard it, the story goes like this.6 [ intrans. ] be harmonious, complementary, or matching : rosemary goes with roast lamb | the earrings and the scarf don’t really go.• be found in the same place or situation; be associated : cooking and eating go together.7 [ intrans. ] (of a machine or device) function : my car won’t go.• continue in operation or existence : the committee was kept going even when its existence could no longer be justified.8 [ intrans. ] (of an article) be regularly kept or put in a particular place : remember which card goes in which slot.• fit or be able to be accommodated in a particular place or space : you’re trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, and it just won’t go.9 [ intrans. ] informal use a toilet; urinate or defecate.10 [ trans. ] bid, bet, or pay.noun ( pl. goes) informal1 an attempt or trial at something : I thought I’d give it a go.• chiefly Brit. a state of affairs : this seems a rum sort of go.• chiefly Brit. an attack of illness : he’s had this nasty go of dysentery.• a project or undertaking that has been approved : tell them the project is a go.• chiefly Brit. used in reference to a single item, action, or spell of activity : he put it to his lips then knocked it back in one go.2 dated spirit, animation, or energy : there’s no go in me at all these days.• vigorous activity : it’s all go around here.


Okay that was too much of a definition but well yeah that is to drive my point here that more than how we easily use GO nowadays some of us haven’t really GONE. Think about this, did every man actually find what they have wanted for and have literally gone after it and did everything in their might reach for it. Often one takes the easy route not realizing that the easy way in not the (excuse me for the pun) way to GO.

Or is it us holding onto something for such a long time? Or someone for some plainly absurd reason? In this case, when the things we dearly hold on to seem to draw all the energy that’s left of us. We GO, yes, we let go. Don’t keep holding into something that will stagnate are growth as a being. We let go because we want to grow. We let go because we want to discover the higher potential of ourselves and to challenge status quo. We let go because it is what is right. We let go because we have to let go.

So how does one actually GO? What does one need follow? Is there actually any set guidelines that one has to follow so that one can GO? Is there a specific checklist that must be properly ticked before ones goes or is it just something such as a spur of the moment and then you GO? You ask me, I really have no idea. I know that most of the times GOING entails sacrifice but mind you sometimes going doesn’t need a single thought at all but a single beat of the heart.