“It will happen at the right time.” This is the phrase we often hear when it comes to things that we really wanted to happen, things that we hope for or even sometimes for that person we are wishing for or sometimes it is the vague answer that we give to somebody’s question for the reason that we have really not given a single thought of that question in our whole life’s existence yet. So when is the right time?


WHEN WE GROW. I am not really pertaining to the physical growth because if that’s the case, all people who grow old may have found the best time in their lives already and yet there are still some at old age when the right time is. I a more of talking about maturity, emotionally, psychologically (I really do not have any idea but I guess it is part) and other important factors in one’s being aside from those physical ones. I guess that best decisions one can make is when we grow in maturity when we have awakened our conscience to the deeper meaning of life aside from the surface that we often focus our attention to. There are are so many questions that confront us as to when is the right time but we often take things for granted, those simple reminders that at this very moment, the right time has come. As we grow and as we become sensitive to what is happening around us, one can realize when the right time is. So be it a new job, a new home, the course that you wanted to take in college, take a look back at yourself and ask yourself if you are ready to take in this challenge. And if you are more than ready than ever, then why not?


SERENDIPITY. Now let’s talk love as most people are really conscious about that part in our lives when people ask how is your love life? Well ask me again and I’ll say I haven’t found that perfect someone yet and yes, I am for one have a great belief in serendipity. Wherein the at least expected moment and the most surprising situation could you find that someone who’ll share life with you through infinity and beyond. So why hurry? So why feel that you are running out of time, the fact that your neighbor just got married and your sister just got pregnant with her third child already. Love isn’t really something that you can hurry or picking the first one that you see in club. 


ORDAINED. Wow, that’s a very deep word for me. ORDAINED. I thought I would not be using this word for this entry but I just find this word apt for my last point. I guess each and everyone of us has that specific timing in our lives. Whatever you believe in – GOD, HIGHER BEING, THE SOLAR SYSTEM – there is that some cosmic power that has ordained you and has set you apart and that has placed a track on the chronology of events that would be happening in our lives. That in mind, when the pace gets slower or faster, we just have to trust and know that we have a certain calling in this world to be at that place, at this situation, at this time because this is what the universe or our God has placed us to be right now.

So you ask me when will I introduce my special someone? Well. Maybe at the right time. 🙂