It this time of the year again where for most students after a two month hiatus and rest, they feel that mixed emotions once again as they look forward for the start of the new school year. For some, classes has already started last week and for some, it still is to start tomorrow. And with the much anticipated changes in the educational system and as it continues to create a fuzz and is starting to create an unlikely brouhaha, I would just like to leave a few points to the different concerned parties in our country’s educational system.

GOVERNING BODIES (Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education)

This is year is a very challenging year especially for the Basic Education in our country wherein certain amendments in the education system is currently being rolled out the elementary and high school level tagged as the K+12 program. I for one doubted how the Department of Education can implement this program with so much in consideration but I am keeping my faith in the organization that they can survive the early periods of this program and can successfully implement the program all throughout the country. There maybe a number of people who may be opposing this program but rest assured if the Department stick to their plans and at the same time work hard to implement the system, they can convince the detractors that they are doing what is best for the Filipino student. I am also hoping that the Department of Education can focus on helping build the morale of its main workforce, the teachers not only by helping improve their salary grade but at the same time assisting them in acquiring additional expertise in teaching and in their specific subjects so that they can impart knowledge to the students with excellence.
To the Commission on Higher Education governing the higher educational institutions, may you keep up in improving the quality of education in the tertiary level and the same time keeping the students safe from schools who are just up for the money but whose education standards are very poor.


Education will never be completer without our Sir/s/Maams, our teachers and professors. I believe that challenge is education is not only educating the minds but more so educating the character. I am a firm believer that to educate the mind one must educate the heart and not by force or by any terror inflicted in the students. I think that next to the parents, you educators are given that big task of shaping lives and molding them to become the future of our country. And with that idea, that our future of our country partly rests on your hand, I am praying that you will work hard to educate knowing that it is not always what you get from what you do that can only motivate you but it is what you can also do for the people around you.


Study with earnest fervor. Knowing that your parents works hard to put you up through this. Knowing that a good education can lead you through life’s tough times. Knowing that your teachers have gone through a lot in preparing their daily lessons. Knowing that later on you will be needing as must knowledge as you can for you to become the person that you want to be. Cut yourself some slack enjoy life being a youngster but be wary not to compromise your education.

So with the start of the new school year — SY 2012-2013, I am wishing all students the best, our educators endurance and excellence and of course to government to keep on supporting our educational system.