It’s the Passion Week again. A long weekend. Time to rest, pack our things and head off to our favorite place to unwind but before anything else lest we forget the reason for this is that because we are commemorating one of the greatest event in HISTORY where a perfect love embraced us humans and offered us life beyond what we believe or imagine.

Yes, we celebrate the life that our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ laid down in the cross for us to have that life eternal and the assurance that He is a God who is full control of anything.

So before anything else, before we get busy packing. Let’s reflect and ponder what have we done to honor the ONE who offered His life to just pursue us and offer us a life that transcends from glory to glory.

And with that, let us be reminded that no matter what we have done, still as the song goes, it is God’s stubborn love that pursues. We are never too late or early to go after Him and commit our lives. 🙂

Have a meaningful commemoration of the Passion Week everyone! 🙂