So last March 31, people around the world who have gave a damn about Mother Earth was able to show their support to a cause that raises the awareness of every human being about taking care of the world we live in. And so last Saturday, from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM, we gave an additional hour to Mother Nature when switched our lights off. It was not that much of a sacrifice for us, after all it was just an hour, on a Saturday wherein most of us are not at home and wandering anywhere but this year’s challenge was to go beyond earth hour — to do our best to save energy and keep our place a place wherein after a zillion year, people might still live. So go beyond the earth hour? Does this mean I have to turn my lights off every week for an hour? Well actually not really but if you like to, then go ahead.


And so what the organizers thought when they said that we need to go beyond the hour is that for us to have that conscious thought in everything that we do has in impact on the place we live in. Those lights that you keep on all through the night. Those air conditioning system that you do not turn off while you are not in your room. Those computers, printers that you leave connected when you leave work. Each little actions, things that we often forget to do has an indirect effect and sometimes it may be as adverse to out environment.

So what are you doing? Do turn the lights off when you leave the room. Make sure all your electronic gadgets are disconnected from the socket. Try opening your windows and feel the evening breeze when it’s a bit hot before turning those air conditioning on. Walk or bike, if possible – that would save you hundreds of pesos in gasoline and at the same will be healthy for you.

Do everything in your conscious being to be cautious about the things that we do for Mother Earth. Make it count before it’s too late! Spread the word and let’s go beyond an hour.

So until next year everyone! 🙂

For more information regarding EARTH HOUR and its advocacies visit their website: