Readers and movie goers may just consider The Hunger Games as a purely young adult fiction story but behind the story and even the fuzzy love angle of the the whole plot, I realize that one of the underlying theme in this story is man’s quest for equality and independence.

All throughout the fascinating storyline Suzanne Collins brought to life, I have been bombarded with depictions with inequality. Who gets the lion share, who can afford life’s luxuries, who has access to the basic rights like food, home and education.

Hunger Games is a dystopia. People living lives that I cannot imagine as someone could lead but more so when you think about it is existing in our very real world. I have inserted this piece on Hunger Games not as a review but more so as a reflection of inequality in its truest meaning is prevalent in our world nowadays. Just like the Capitol, some big counties or even big cities just suck out the life of other small places and some of them are just exploited for what they can offer to the bigger markets. Small scale industries usurped by those big industries and are constantly devoured into sole power controlling them.

It is a great challenge from all points nowadays to maintain equality across all classes, oppression and exploitation of the poor and more so rich individuals getting richer and people who works their ass off for them aren’t getting any help that can uplift their lives. Then inequality that sometimes powerful people think that, the other lower class people owe them their lives but NO. Each people is an independent being and controlling someone or something just for the sake of one of gaining for just a specific group is something that our real world is good into. I wonder when Utopia will be achieved but then it’s called Utopia because of  its idealism that sad to say we may never achieve.

I guess the point of me writing is that we may never achieve Utopia but there is a big chance that we move this human race forward without stepping on someone promoting equality and valuing one’s individuality and independence. Understanding that we do not own anyone or even we did not breathe life into anyone. Hunger Games reminds me to strive hard for that, it has that recall in me now and in my conscious being that power is never intended to be abused. And as what President Snow himself said that there is power in hoping and not in fear. And to everyone who chances upon this blog, I challenge you stand up for EQUALITY and not to compromise our quest even in our little actions that may soon affect humanity.

Guess I’ve said too much now! 🙂