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It’s official! Summer is here again! The scorching heat, the dry breeze and of course our endless pursuit for the wide shores over the blue horizon is starting to fill in our thoughts once more.

I am one of those person who really enjoy the summer. From family reunions all around, some fiestas (festivals) around town and of course summer outings! Who would not want one? And yes, sunburn — which actually hurts but being burnt just means that man, you really have enjoyed the summer!

So what’s the summer plan? I really hate planning because most of the time these plans do not come to life but I just let things have there way and soon enough BOOM!!! you find yourself in one of the greatest summer adventure there is.

Happy March! Happy summer everyone! 😀


Okay, I must admit I have been in a hiatus for a few months (3 months to be exact) and I really missed working on my blog. I am not really aware if there are bunch of people who read but heck, it’s my journal and I am really glad to say that am back!!!!!!!

So it seems that I forgot to post my New Year’s greetings aye? so let’s go! 🙂