2011 is about to end and today until we officially end the year, I will be looking to the year that was — the blessings, joys, travels, trials and other activities/circumstances that I have encountered. So let’s start the countdown!



This was a fast decision for us to go to the famed Pagupud and legendary Vigan over the long weekend. And man was I amazed with how amazing the place is. The awesome beaches, the wind farm and the other places which we visited. That was quite a visit, just for 3 days, we have toured most of the places in Pagupud and Vigan. Merging culture, history, arts and environmental awareness is just what these places can offer when you get to this place. šŸ™‚


Can I just say that this was my first ever to be in the famed island of Corregidor. Thanks to Pakyaw.com’s offer for an adventure tour in the island, I was able to go there a lot cheaper to see the amazing island. Well since it was an adventure tour and we haven’t visited most of the places especially the Malinta Tunnel but yeah, Corregidor Island really mesmerized me and amazed me with how the Americans built and fortified the place to be used as a defense against the enemies.


Okay, this is actually my second time in HK and my first in Macau and I was with my brother. I guess the important part here is me and my brother seeing Disneyland HK for this first time. And of course, the most important thing is spending time with my little brother (well he’s not that little anymore) who seems so near yet so far (hahaha!).


Okay, actually this is not my first time too to be in CDO but in Iligan, yes. And at the same time, what made this trip special is that I was with my former officemates who I consider as my BFFs. And it maybe hard to admit but yeah we tried to follow the trail of KC Concepcion-Sam Milby in their movie Forever and A Day. We had fun around CDO especially whitewater rafting and then going around Bukidnon just to go zipline at Dahilayan Park. And then another important part of this trip was our shortest sidetrip to Iligan where my mom’s cousins are based. It is just simply a blessing to be in Iligan even for just a short time.

NOTE: With all the things that happened to CDO and Iligan, let us keep praying for comfort and healing for each people so that they might experience peace and happiness amidst the troubles.


I told myself that I want to celebrate my 25th birthday the most special way and yeah I got what I wanted when I was given a gift of celebrating it at one of my top dream destinations, BALI. The culture, the places to visit, the food and the other amazing water events that we did made my birthday week one of those travels that I’ll forever remember. I will surely return to Bali soon and enjoy its sun and sand. šŸ™‚