Well actually this our (me and my friends) way of celebrating Christmas with children who have cancer. I don’t know what gathered us together to support this cause but it seems that we have one common thread among us where a loved one was diagnosed with cancer and eventually some of them passed on. The organizers of this Christmas activity dubbed this as “Celebrating Life!”, now on it’s fifth year of bringing joy to these kids “suffering” from the dreaded disease and we are just a few group who volunteered for this amazing cause.

I have always wondered if the theme Celebrate Life is something applicable to these kids because of the things that they are going through but when you see them, bald and a bit weak, dancing to the tune of BOOM TARAT TARAT and singing jolly songs like they don’t have cancer, it just simply melts your heart. For two years now, these kids have been my peg for celebrating life. I know life has never been easy for them, I know some of them do not have the luxury and even enough comfort in life but their SMILE is like heaven. Celebration of life with these kids is just awesome that instead of feeling pity, your heart will just be filled with joy because of how happy they are, not really caring of the chemotherapies scheduled, blood transfusions and other tests.

I was especially blessed when I asked one parent last year since her child has been diagnosed with leukemia at age 5. She said Bernie was a gift but at the same time God’s amazing creation too in which she cannot question whatever HE wills in her son’s life. Bernie was such an amazing young boy that even with leukemia and on a therapy, he was able to sing Justin Bieber’s Baby completed with a dance. I looked at the boy and I saw yes, that is how he celebrates life and I want it too!

Fast forward to first week of December as we are preparing for the gifts, I believe me and my friends were so excited to see Bernie once more in this event since last year he was like the life of the party but as they say God’s plan has always been a mystery to us, sometime unfathomable yet it’s His timing. And so today, we bid you Bernie goodbye. That was 7 amazing years Baby Bernie! You were one great warrior! Great job baby boy! Now, take your rest in His embrace. Your kuyas and ates will surely miss you but we will be seeing you soon young man!

Thank you for that December you reminded us to celebrate life like a child.