Thanks to the government for declaring another holiday today that I was able to get a quick side trip to Pagudpud and see the amazing beauty of this place. The trip to the scenic Pagudpud took about 12 hours but well yeah the tiring trip really paid off when we got off the bus and went to the resort then took a tour around the beautiful town.


The stretch of Bangui town shoreline is lined up with huge electric fans. I am always a supporter of renewable energy and yeah this thing is really perfect for Ilocos Norte. I hope more projects like this would follow.


This is one amazing spot wherein I am so thrilled to see. Right on top of the hill wherein you can just see almost all of Ilocos. I hope this place gets preserved as it is as one of the beautiful places to be in Pagudpud.


Okay this one’s a big area of wonderfully formed with rocks, limestones, corals, etc. I was really amazed how lovely the place especially that it overlooks the ocean.


MORE PICTURES to follow…..