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Let me say that this is really my first time to tour around Cagayan de Oro even though I have been in this place for a number of times already and yes, I love the place and the amazing adventures, weekend night market for great deals and also the food.

Goal for this tour was to go zipline at Bukidnon and white water rafting.

Zipline at Dahilayan in Bukidnon

Getting ready for white water rafting at Cagayan River... woooot!

YES! We were able to do all of the activities that we wanted to do for the trip! Thank God for the good weather and the amazing friends we have in CDO for helping us achieve our itinerary.

This is just a sneak peak of our adventure. Details to follow. 🙂


It’s the last quarter for the year 2011! Time is really fast and now we all are looking for the long weekend due to the observance of the All Saint’s Day on November 1st and of course what comes after November 1 is the full-blown Christmas celebration already in the Philippines! I am excited also for my little kuya time with my brother as we will be spending a few days in HK this coming November.

I just came back from our trip in Cagayan de Oro with side trips to Bukidnon and Iligan (posts to follow). I really can’t help and smile and be thankful that though there are some hardships that I have encountered in the past few days, a little time with friends and a great amount of laugh made the little vacation enjoyable.

And finally as we enjoy October 2011, I would like to greet three important people in my life happy birthdays, my cousins Lorene (Oct 17) and Isay (Oct 3) and a good friend Jennylyn (Oct 3).

Hope everyone is enjoying October. Have a good one! 🙂