Okay, just to clear things out, I really have no issue with my weight. Okay! okay! okay! okay! okay! I admit I have some issues too but it’s more of keeping myself healthy and not really how big I look. The world has indeed changed and yes, slim and chiseled is what’s in and that’s why most people spend thousands of pesos on gyms, beauty and aesthetics center just to be in but who cares? I don’t!

Often when I see people who I have not seen for quite some time and when they comment that I packed some pounds I just smile and say thank you. I believe that it’s a choice I decided especially when stressful times at work comes and wherein food is my only way out.

I know that for health’s sake too, I have to be in shape too and just follow what the Nutritionist says and so I hope this day marks my commitment to abide by the suggestions of my nutritionist so by next month’s weight check, she would at least smile. After all, I think 2 kilos to lose is not that hard at all?! Right?! Oh please tell me yes. So, I start this week with determination and hopefully will not waver until I achieve what the nutritionist says as my ideal BMI which I think is too far from reality. Madre mio!

Wish me luck everyone! 🙂