What can I say? I am just so proud how the media has been revolutionized and though most of the time there are still trashy commercials in our idiot boxes yet there are some commercials which has just the heart and where the theme really touches home. I think some if not most of the people have already seen these videos but I just want to repost these two videos here in my blog to keep the wildfire regarding these two videos which talks about love and family.

True enough, some of us maybe are old enough to play with our parents or even deal with our dad’s corny joke but damn that, think about those sacrifices our parent did when we were young? Would a little insane moment with our parents be impossible for us to give nowadays just because we are older, schooled and with higher education than our parents? Think about it again. UNCONDITIONAL is the word. 🙂

I was tagged in this video I think 2 years ago and even after a few number of times that I have watched this video, I still shed a little tear after watching this video. For what reason? Those small things that I remember about the people I love. The little imperfections that make them perfect for me, yes as the commercial says, BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT.

Enjoy the videos! 🙂