Some people often ask me what’s the reason why the last few days of August has always been devoted to going to Dumaguete and all I can just say is that it’s really not Dumaguete that we come back to but it’s Silliman University. And then there goes that sceptic look, what is it about your university that every founders week, you have to fly hundreds of nautical miles, sacrifice a few number of VLs (which can be used for other events) and yes, make unnecessary expenses. Then I just smile and say, it’s the Silliman spirit.

See, I have a home, our very own family home. I have a rented space here in Manila which I consider home for four years now but what has been my second home always been Silliman, Dumaguete.

So what makes it worth coming back every year? It’s those warm smiles and hugs from those people you haven’t seen in years. It’s the festive celebration of God’s faithfulness to our school. It’s the competitive atmosphere of the different colleges and academic units as they prepare for Ms. Silliman and the All-University Cheering Competition. It’s the bamboo booth in Ravelo Field that always fascinates Sillimanians and most Dumaguetenos with events throughout the week. It’s the wonderful food around Dumaguete that can satisfy the gastronomic curiosity. It’s the dorm mates who can’t wait to see you after years of graduation. It’s the different clubs and bars that you hang out to just chill and just enjoy the tugsh tugsh (you know who you are guys). The list could go on and on and on and on and on and this might fill my blog but who cares HOME will always be HOME and I am home when I am in Dumaguete — in SILLIMAN. Four years of academic training was not only what I got from this institution but a whole lot of experience that I will forever hold dear. Friends, yes countless friends that you met from dorms, block classes and even just a term or even just a day in class after they dropped out when they knew Dr. Dale Law was our BC teacher or Prof. Tan was our Philo teacher. Irony is, sometimes I thought I have done everything, met most if not all the people at Silliman and yet every year I am amazed with how things changed or how I have not done these things back when I was in college or why haven’t I met these guys when I was college.

This year I think was one of my best year celebrating SU Founder’s week. Who would have thought that the three days I just wanted for vacation back at home would bring me so much fun, to be more exact joy. I met people that I just often see in the campus and was able to interact with them — and I hope I have made friends.

It has always been a pleasure of going back home to Dumaguete and Silliman. And as I go back to that question, what’s worth coming back to Dumaguete every August? Everything. Everything that Dumaguete has to offer. Sillimanians who will always welcome you home with a warm hug and the wonderful reminiscing of familiar events that we all have gone through. With that, I know I am always HOME.

Happy 110th Founder’s Silliman U!

Thank you Ressa, Jonald, Michelle, Neil & Cyriane! 🙂