Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending an anniversary of one of our suppliers and one of the stars who graced the night (well she is not one of those ordinary stars but the I guess one person that I really look up) was Lea Salonga. Lea belted out a number of songs which included my favorites from Les Miserables (On My Own and I Dreamed a Dream) and from Miss Saigon, I’d Give my Life for You. I had the best night ever and though I have heard Lea sing those songs it’s like I have heard that song for the first time every time she sings those songs. Well, actually I am not here to write about how great Lea is knowing that it is already a given but when I heard those theatre plays again, it reminded me of some musicals that I really am dying to see run in our country. Well for now, there’s two that I really would kill just to get the front seats if ever a chance that a run will be done here in our country. Here it goes:

Well I guess you have heard the most enduring song of this play sung at a well-loved TV series too where the two main casts also guested too for a few episodes. Yes, it’s Defying Gravity and yes, Glee popularized with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer but the powerful voices behind the stage are of that Idina Menzel playing Elphaba and Kristin Chenoweth playing Glinda. The musical is a spring from Gregory Maguire’s book entitled Wicked: THe Life and Times of the Wicked WItch of the West. The story brings us to the early days of the uniquely colored green witch before she became Dorothy’s tormentor. How she became that evil. Well, the musical is not that evil at all. It actually tells more of friendship, pursuing a dream and reaching for it no matter what even if it takes you to defy gravity. I have heard the songs from this musical over and over and over again but I still dream that one day this musical will touch the Philippine soil and I will be the first to get a ticket for the opening night.

A song, that I really loved from this musical (I think was sang also at Glee’s 2nd season) is one of my favorite. It’s about the change that real friendships bring us……. FOR GOOD.

Okay, here’s the next. Forgive me. I really haven’t heard of this song not until December 2009 when I watched Lea’s Your Song concert and she introduced this musical as the new breed of world-class musicals and she sang the song that electrified my soul. And from that on, when I am down I just remind myself of Electricity. Electricity, what powers you? Before anything else Billy Elliot tells the story of a boy who struggles to excel in a not so popular world of ballet. His story tell of his struggles to become the best he can be in the field a burdened town in North Eastern England. This musical boasts of its music written by Elton John which by the way is amazing. And thank wherein I got my copy of the CD and man, I love how even if they sing the dark English accent is still there.

And as I have oversold the song earlier, the title of the song that I really like from this musical is Electricity. It’s about going for it. Grabbing that one opportunity that will make you free.

OK. I have enlarged my scope for the two musicals. Any show within Asia. I will surely go just to catch a glimpse of the green witch and that young talented ballet dancer. I hope somebody can read this blog and bring these musicals in Manila.

For the meantime, these songs in my playlist will suffice. Enjoy the songs guys!