Last weekend, The Philippine made mark again the field of sports wherein the Philippine Dragon Boat Team was able to gather 5 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the World Dragon Boat Competition held at Tampa, Florida.

I have read the and saw the news in television and the struggle of the PDBF to reach the world championships and yet I am so proud of these team because they proved everyone wrong who doubted their ability. Yes of course, even in sports our country would never run of politics. The Dragon Boat team though carried the Philippines was never really accredited by the Philippine Olympic Committee and the National Sports Association as a national team and even as an accredited sport. Thank heavens for corporate sponsors who supported them and made way for them to reach their goal of paddling for REAL gold medals at Florida. (Shameless plug: It was COBRA and PHILIPPINE AIRLINES, good decision to support the team!).

I don’t want to dwell anymore with how the POC and NSA handled this situation since it will just destroy the joy that I feel for the PDBF for bringing honor to our country once more but I want to dwell on the Filipino pride.

Pride that even without proper gear and support, 5 gold medals and 2 silver medals were reaped by team. Pride that even they practiced in the overly smelly and dirty Manila Bay, the team was able to bring the country honor. Pride of the Filipino culture, that the Filipinos now based in Tampa, Florida were so amazing that you can see until this very day that the Bayanihan spirit was so alive. I am so touched (oh well may have teared a little bit) when I saw the Filipinos in Florida supported the team. They have been with the team from the start of the competition until the very end and I can see that the help that they extended to the team was not because they were forced but because they wanted to help and boost the morale of the team. THANK YOU LORD FOR THESE FILIPINOS!

Lastly, I believe that each and everyone of us has his or her own favorite sport be it basketball, football, lawn tennis, badminton, swimming but we should be reminded that anything that gives our country should be fully supported. Excellence in sports is not only exhibited by how may billboards there are present in EDSA the team or the person has but more so, sports is exhibited by how disciplined the team is, how patient they are to strive hard to bring home to bacon and how humble the team or the person in acknowledging that the win was not only for themselves but for the country.

To the Philippine Dragon Boat Team, you have my respect. And with or without the heroes welcome and cash incentive, the pride that I feel seeing how far you have gone as an independent team and the sacrifices you made to make it this far is overwhelming. MABUHAY and we will continue to support you on to the next competitions in the future.

NOTE: I hope that some private organization would adopt this team since it may take a long way before POC and NSA would recognize this team.