It has been almost two weeks now or more I guess since we heard that shocking news of one of the best voice that I heard that revolutionized the music industry with her rendition of Rehab. Yes, I am talking of Amy WInehouse. Well most of us maybe have any idea or an inkling of what could have transpired in her flat in Camden, North London yet without the results of the autopsy all of are inkling are inconclusive.

We all now make a pun of the lyrics of Rehab that she should have gone to rehab but she should have done so that’s why this unfortunate event.

Amy Winehouse is one great hell of a talent even with those problems and addictions in her life. She is one big loss in the music industry. A voice very distinct that lead the way for the likes of Adele and many other British singers nowadays. Amy WInehouse is 27 years old.

After everything that has happened to Amy, I am not here to judge her but I am just here to REMIND everyone that drug addiction know no age, race, nationality or social status. Drug addiction is something which will eventually destroy your life. So while you’re young and you have the capacity to turn around from such vice, do not fall into drug addiction. Seek help. Do not waste your future and eventually your life. I can give a list of people whose lives were destroyed by drug addiction but then it is not important anymore. The important thing is to understand that drug addiction can do you NO GOOD at all. NO GOOD. At the first encounter with people, SAYING NO is not an option but the best way to GO.

Remembering Amy Winehouse tonight with Rehab