It took me more than two weeks to finally write something about the final Harry Potter movie which opened last July 15 here in the Philippines. I was literally in a daze for a few days before the first screening I watched and after I watched it for the first time. I guess all Harry Potter fanatics could feel the same way as I did while waiting for the final movie screening. There was the excitement and of course the fear that once the credits rolled there will be no more Harry Potter movie anymore to expect in the coming years.

THURSDAY. July 14th. I felt the excitement. I was in work and a seminar in the afternoon and I was feeling a bit lost already knowing that a few hours later I will be bidding farewell to one important part of my childhood. At 25, I went to the cinema with friends wearing my Hogwarts shirt and glad to see all amazing HP fantards wearing costumes which made me tear already. As we waited for the movie to start I was really feeling uneasy already not really knowing what I really felt at that time and then the lights came off and the part 2 of the Deathly Hallows opened up with the last scene from part 1. And yes, I teared up. I can’t control myself that it’s really for fans that Warner Brothers logo made me cry. The movie was so amazing that I did not notice I had free popcorn and drinks from the cinema. I knew what was going to happen. I knew who’s going to die but it got me hooked all the way through.

The movie as a whole was awesome for me though there are some points that I wished there was more action and I was looking for some people who were actually in the book but were not in the movie anymore. Well maybe the focus was just in other things. But overall, the movie delivered. And oh, how I loved how they trashed Hogwarts. Quite a comparison from the first movie and the final movie. THANK YOU MR. DAVID YATES! Thank you for the amazing movie.

TEARJERKERS. I am such cry baby that I knew the following scenes really made me cry:
1. McGonagall calling the nights to protect the (and her giggle saying I always wanted to use that spell) castle and the Order casting a protective spell to protect Hogwarts. It was like I was there. It was like I don’t want Voldemort to destroy Hogwarts, it’s my home too.
2. George and Fred talking at the castle asking if he’s afraid. I knew what will happen and I felt the loss already.
3. SNAPE. He’s the man. I read the book and I knew already that if not for LOVE he would have not done anything for Harry Potter. The Prince’s Tale was so heart-wrenching that I felt how Snape loved Lily.
4. LOVED ONES at FORBIDDEN FOREST. They were with Harry always. They never left and they will be with him till the very end.

Some people could not understand why we were so connected with Harry Potter and would sometimes ridicule us but I am proud to say that I am a Harry Potter generation. Years would pass and Harry Potter books would be covered by new books at bookstores yet I will always smile and re-tell the story to next generations of the boy who lived. Who would have thought that a book left by my cousins living in the States at our house will definitely create an impact in my life. Harry Potter was the reason I am a movie buff, it is what I look forward to every year that there will be another HP movie coming out but today marks the last movie.

But no, it is not the end. As JK Rowling said be in books and movies, Hogwarts will always be willing to welcome us home once again. Thank you JK Rowling for a wonderful generation. Thank you for leaving a legacy of friendship and trust through Harry Potter.