Last July 2, 2011, my friend and I were able to catch Cirque du Soleil’s production of Varekai here in Manila. As most of you have known that Cirque du Soleil is one of the best travelling circus there is in the world and it has been said that a man in his lifetime must have watched the Cirque and yes we were able to just that.

The show was held at The Grand Chapiteau put up at Quirino Grandtsand for the month long run in the country. From the outside one can feel the excitement of being in there to watch the greatest show unfold.

The show started on the dot (warning to those watching the show, come on time – they close the gates so as not to disturb the whole show making you miss the first 20 minutes of the show).

Varekai (as per Wikipedia) is loosely based on the myth of Icarus. One of the main characters of the show is named Icarus, who, instead of drowning in the sea, lands in a mystical forest at the base of a volcano.

The show started with a lizard-like creature in the center stage until the stage bursted will all kinds of creatures in different colors dancing, gyrating and singing. The stage became so alive until the flight of Icarus which is one of my favorite part wherein the Icarus was suspended in the air in this net while twists and performs acrobatic routines. My eyes feasted in various acts all throughout the show which completely left me dumbfounded. And just when I thought that was that show has to offer, the final act which they call as Russian swings left me hanging in my seat. There were men in these giant swings which were thrown from two swings and in a giant cloth which totally ended the show with a big bang and a standing ovation from a crowd mesmerized by the amazing show.

Varekai was surely a visual feast. The stage was bursting with colors and the acts were simply amazing. There are some parts that you may find dragging and some people who have seen the Cirque in other countries may claim this is not the best yet for my PhP 5,500.00, I found it worth every centavo.

Thank heavens that Cirque was able to perform here in Manila and I look forward to the day when the Cirque returns here with another world-class production.

Guys, if you haven’t watched it yet, you still have a chance so go and buy your tickets now!

NOTE: Pics are not mine since we are not allowed to bring cameras inside the show.