Who would have thought that I would be posting something about this once more after quite some time. If there’s one topic that I dread to talk about it’s about this but after some realizations, it made me think that being scared shouldn’t be my response but taking heart from the previous things that happened in our lives.

Yes, it’s cancer. Not me but someone close to our family again. Closer than you can imagine. You see, my lola died of cancer (well not really proved) and my cousins age 16 died of bone cancer some two years ago and here we are again traveling the same daunting road. At first I had that usual reaction of denial but then again looking at the problem head on and knowing that everything happens for a reason made me face the reality of this disease.

I didn’t realize how real it was as much as I have experienced it before. Radiation and chemotherapy were words that I have already understood and medically appreciate since it can help cure cancer. But then again when you see the picture or even the person with his/her strand of hair starting to fall down, it just simply breaks your heart knowing the uncertainties of the future. Every strand loss, every vomit, every pain, shedding weight. You see him/her suffer.

Well reality indeed bites. But then from the previous experiences what makes this trial brings us is the challenge of keeping the faith. Holding on to each other and no matter what holding on to our God. No matter how prepared we are to fight the Big C, we never know how much our hearts and bodies can handle but we know for sure that our God will give us strength to go through this trial once more.

Please pray with me for the healing of Auntie from cancer.