June marks the start of classes here in our country for most basic education units which is following the Philippine basic education curriculum. It signifies the start of the rigorous honing of the minds of young children that will set their path to whatever career they want to pursue in the near future. While for some children they are sent to private institutions wherein teachers are paid higher and are required by the administration to take several Masteral degrees to fully function as educator on the other hand the deteriorating public school system has been a constant problem of this country (let me discuss that on a separate entry). I for one am a son of an educator working for the government and I have seen how my mother has struggled on her own to impart the best education there is to her students even with the lacking funds from the government. I am not here to immortalize my mother as an educator but I am here to honor all educators (not teachers) around our country today.

I believe that educating the minds of these young people is one of the greatest sacrifice a citizen can offer his or her country. And by educating these people, educators are not merely reading textbooks, grading test papers and terrorizing students with oral recitations but these educators stir intellectual freedom, encourage achievement and increase the students’ self-worth. These educators offer more than what they can offer aside from their time and often times they also shed finances especially for public schools.

With this I salute, the educators of our country. They resemble the modern day heroes of this country. They are the epitome of selfless government workers who does not think of self-gain but more, they think of what future that they can offer their students by inculcating to them the value education.

I salute our educators who braved the blistering morning heat to reach secluded areas in our country just to impart knowledge to these areas.

I salute educators who in their own ways have helped provide informal education to places where education seemed impossible for a number of reasons where poverty is the main reason.

I could go on and on and on and on why I really value our educators that is why I still believe that there is still hope for the educational system in our country. As a wise saying goes that, “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.” Indeed it is. Until this very day the teaching profession has continually amazed me and taught me so many things that I will hold dearly.

To our Philippine Educators, I salute you! Thank you for your undying commitment to your profession. We look forward to how will shape the young minds for the next 10 months of this new school year! Cheers!