April 20, 2011 – Can I just say that I was so excited for this trip ever since it will be my first time to be celebrating my birthday outside the country with only my few cousins and of course in overly hyped “Island of the God”, Bali.

There are no direct flights to Bali so one has to make a stopover in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital or other countries that has connecting flight to the beautiful island. For our case, I believe that once you are in another country, failure to visit the capital city is such a big sin so our flight took us to Jakarta first and we stayed there for 2 days for a few picture taking before we headed to Bali.

We took the Philippine Airlines flight to Jakarta and landed in Jakarta around 12midnight plus. The flight is about four hours and yes we landed on a rainy midnight at Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport.