OK it’s time to rant. This is with regards to my few pet peeves that keeps bugging me everyday. This has been a usual thing already and it seems most Filipinos find these things acceptable but damn it, nobody learns and this culture of insensitiveness is really getting into my nerves. Ok its about being insensitive that ticks me off but these three things are the daily gauge of my patience.

COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME OUT FIRST! Damn it! Stupid idiot! That’s what my mind shouts when I am in an elevator and when the door opens, stupid idiot people would just rush in not realizing that the people who are supposed to go out from the elevator are still making their way through. I really want to shout for this *$^#*&%^#&^% stupidness of these people but it seems they just don’t care. They want to go in as if they are the only people who’s in a hurry, who will be missing a meeting!

STAY ON THE RIGHT AND EXCUSE ME WOULD BE A GOOD WORD. Another damned thing that I really hate and has become a Filipino culture is about using escalators, everybody is on a hurry and since this is the Philippines, putcha naman STAY ON THE RIGHT! Don’t flock as a group in the escalator if you’re not in a hurry because you are disrupting those people who are in hurry. And if you want to pass through somebody in the escalator EXCUSE ME is the right word or PARAAN PO if one cannot understand English.

ANG BAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand public restrooms smell awful. I mean who the heck in his right mind would want to smell the restroom. Well I for one am dreaming of waking each of waking up and smelling a clean restroom. And as what I said, smelly public restrooms is quite forgivable but a 20 plus floors corporate building with a stinking restroom is B*LLSH*T! Come on! Flush the urinals you are using when you’re done shaking it off. And it also disappointing to be working in a corporate setting where the restrooms stinks, what are the janitors doing? Are albatross and air fresheners that expensive nowadays? Jeeeesh!

OK. It makes me compare Filipinos with other nationalities especially with how organized they are especially with these three things that I have mentioned. It is just my wish that Pinoys would learn and put into practice these simple lesson of giving way and cleanliness. I mean this just tells us how we lack discipline. Big lessons comes from the daily dealings we do, and when we discipline ourselves to give way, say courteous word or even flush the urinals is something that would make an impact! I HOPE YOU GET IT!