DISCLAIMER: Late post. I celebrated my birthday let’s say a few days earlier and it’s April. Things have been just busy lately so I am posting this post-birthday post. haha!

25 it is! For most of the time I don’t even think about how old I am since I still feel like at child at heart. I revel in simple wonders that I see and most of the time I get excited to experience little things that often only children would want to do. But then things change and hit me, I am indeed 25. Well for one I think growing does not really mean leaving that childish lifestyle (cause I really cannot imagine leaving it behind) but I believe that growing old does not mean leaving the youth in you but growing old is growing wiser. You might think that it is crazy to grow old, grow wise and still be young at heart but I guess I am able to keep these three altogether. The key to this seamless interconnection between the three is just positivity. Having that positive outlook in life makes growing old happier and less stressful. Growing wiser is one of the major major goals that I have in life that still positivity has a large impact on. And being young at heart is the prize for being positive.

It was some years ago that I am so scared of growing old (not that I resort to some anti aging processes) but now, I’m not. It’s what the years bring that makes me long to grow older. It’s the years of joy or maybe tragedies that will mold me and make me defy what I know. That’s what will make me even wiser. See, I have posted in one of FB stats that my ultimate goal is to lead to serve. I never thought I’d come to this day to acknowledged that leadership is not merely talking and signing documents in your table but it is serving.

Another year has been given and another year conquer and to succeed (in my God’s definition of success). I have only one wish for my birthday this year that for God to grant my Auntie who has been diagnosed with Cancer more years, strength and physical resistance for the treatment. Well this is more of my birthday prayer, that I continue to seek until God answers it and completely heals my Aunt from the big C.

This is quite a year for me but yes, I face it with the hope that God blesses the broken road and that He will open windows of blessings for me.

To everyone who have been with me through the tough and trying times and through the most funny and ecstatic moments, thank you! I am so blessed to have you around. I hope that for the next 25 years, you would be still around. And to my God, my Creator, Savior and Friend. Your Grace is indeed enough for me. Thank you!