Before I become busy with a Holy Week vacation let me put things into perspective first of why we have this long weekend. Most people nowadays just think that these days are just days for a long weekend where we (especially me) can just book a trip and go away from the Metro and spend it somewhere and have some fun under the sun. But then this is not just a mere long weekend holiday for us especially us Christians. This long weekend is not only a holiday but a commemoration of God’s love exemplified by the cross.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. This is a very familiar song for me since this song has been played in church over and over and over again. It tells us to embrace the cross, to bear the pain, to live for the ONE who gave HIS life. Amidst our “busy-ness” in preparing for outings and vacations over this week. I encourage everyone to first think of the CROSS and thank GOD for the love that HE gave. For unselfishly dying for our sins, that guilty as we are will experience the fullness of God’s forgiveness.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. To live our lives which is pleasing to our God. A life which lives for the glory of God and not for the applause of man.

This Holy Week, let us remember the CROSS or may I say let us not only remember the CROSS but let us EMBRACE the CROSS and most importantly thank our SAVIOR GOD for HIS amazing GRACE.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! 🙂