I hear you! Lately I have been hooked with animated films, well for some people they still call it cartoons but there is such a big difference now knowing films go beyond just being cartoons. It’s 3D and there are other features which makes it more glossy than the regular cartoons that we see back when we were young. As of writing, I think I was able to watch all animated movies this year. Let me just go back with the last two animated movies which made a mark in my mind lately.


Voiced by the one and only Anne Hathaway and Mr. Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg. This animated movie tells the story of Blu as he embarks from his comfort zone and travels to Rio to “save” his extinct specie, the Blue Macaw. In Rio, Blu meets his female counterpart Jewel and there they become the weirdest pair of the flying and walking bird. In Rio, they meet a number of friends and well not-so-good animals too and embark to an adventure which changed their lives.


An animated movie produced by Elton John well with his hit songs in it. Lead character of Gnomeo and Juliet were voiced by English actors James McAvoy and Emily Blunt. This animated movie tells Shakespeare’s tragedy in a different light and well kids and kids at heart (like me) would enjoy. And the characters here are not people but backyard gnomes (how cool is it?). Well everything was a Romeo and Juliet-ish except that they tweaked the ending.

I don’t really want to tell the story for both animated films that I have watched so as not to spoil people who haven’t watched yet but for me, I really enjoyed both films. It’s quite a relief that amidst the busy-ness in life I can still find time to laugh in movies and at the same time learn some bits of lessons.