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After all it’s a long weekend and its my special day next week, I will be off with family to wonderful island for a little R&R. Thank God for this opportunity of seeing this place. I will be out for a few days and so I will not be bringing my laptop along so that we can enjoy being a tourist. I will be posting entries when we return from the trip.

God bless you all and have a safe long weekend! 😀


Before I become busy with a Holy Week vacation let me put things into perspective first of why we have this long weekend. Most people nowadays just think that these days are just days for a long weekend where we (especially me) can just book a trip and go away from the Metro and spend it somewhere and have some fun under the sun. But then this is not just a mere long weekend holiday for us especially us Christians. This long weekend is not only a holiday but a commemoration of God’s love exemplified by the cross.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. This is a very familiar song for me since this song has been played in church over and over and over again. It tells us to embrace the cross, to bear the pain, to live for the ONE who gave HIS life. Amidst our “busy-ness” in preparing for outings and vacations over this week. I encourage everyone to first think of the CROSS and thank GOD for the love that HE gave. For unselfishly dying for our sins, that guilty as we are will experience the fullness of God’s forgiveness.

EMBRACE THE CROSS. To live our lives which is pleasing to our God. A life which lives for the glory of God and not for the applause of man.

This Holy Week, let us remember the CROSS or may I say let us not only remember the CROSS but let us EMBRACE the CROSS and most importantly thank our SAVIOR GOD for HIS amazing GRACE.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! 🙂

I hear you! Lately I have been hooked with animated films, well for some people they still call it cartoons but there is such a big difference now knowing films go beyond just being cartoons. It’s 3D and there are other features which makes it more glossy than the regular cartoons that we see back when we were young. As of writing, I think I was able to watch all animated movies this year. Let me just go back with the last two animated movies which made a mark in my mind lately.


Voiced by the one and only Anne Hathaway and Mr. Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg. This animated movie tells the story of Blu as he embarks from his comfort zone and travels to Rio to “save” his extinct specie, the Blue Macaw. In Rio, Blu meets his female counterpart Jewel and there they become the weirdest pair of the flying and walking bird. In Rio, they meet a number of friends and well not-so-good animals too and embark to an adventure which changed their lives.


An animated movie produced by Elton John well with his hit songs in it. Lead character of Gnomeo and Juliet were voiced by English actors James McAvoy and Emily Blunt. This animated movie tells Shakespeare’s tragedy in a different light and well kids and kids at heart (like me) would enjoy. And the characters here are not people but backyard gnomes (how cool is it?). Well everything was a Romeo and Juliet-ish except that they tweaked the ending.

I don’t really want to tell the story for both animated films that I have watched so as not to spoil people who haven’t watched yet but for me, I really enjoyed both films. It’s quite a relief that amidst the busy-ness in life I can still find time to laugh in movies and at the same time learn some bits of lessons.

It just came to my mind. Last year at this very summer. I was up late playing Plants vs. Zombies trying to surpass as many levels in the the final portion of the game wherein the stages are just unlimited. It was a craze that at lunch time, it was the game that I play and after office hours I would even stay late just to finish a few stages.

And now a year after, its the never ending battle of the birds to protect their nest from these nasty pigs. Angry Birds. I say this game is quite a chicken compared to Plants vs Zombies but fun too. Not to brag about it but I was able to finish the original Angry Birds in a week. And the Rio version was finished in less than a week.

Now, what’s my point here. I enjoyed both games so much. That I am wishing that there will be something like Plants Vs Zombies Vs Angry Birds! I can’t imagine how cool this would be! Pea shooters hitting zombies. Angry Birds bombing a three-peater! What a riot! Oh well, wishes of young kid at heart! Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

the E N D is near

OK. Now may this be the first and final post in this blog before July 15, 2011. One of the moving forward concerns me regarding this very important literary work and groundbreaking movie (well I’m not that much of a fan at all).

In barely 3 months from now, most of us who grew up in this decade will be bidding farewell to a well loved story of a boy wizard who lived and who fought he-who-must-not-be-named (kill yourself if you don’t know who these guys are!). It has been indeed a generation! For more than 10 years the book has griped me since my early high school years to my early working years. The movie had me hooked and made me watch it over and over and over again. As the end draws near to this REAL saga par excellence, it seems to indicate that childhood for me is almost over. Yes I am 24 but I feel like a child every time I see any Harry Potter (there you are I said who he is but again if you don’t know him, go and vanish in the Room of Requirement!) related materials (e.g. books, quidditch toys, there’s HP lego now) which makes my heart jump as if I am really a kiddo. Yes for some children stories and books could be Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel (forgive that awful movie this year) and more but for me childhood story was when I got my first Harry Potter book.

As the saga is about to come to a close, I pay tribute to Jo Rowling for the amazing literary work. To WB and Mr. Heyman for producing to movie (I didn’t care if you separated all books into 2 cause I will watch it over and over and over again) and to all the directors and the actors.

Until then, this will be my post for HP7 Part 2.

Well there are many things about these two words that I really want to talk about. But for now, only one thing that comes to mind. Moving on with! I seem to be impressed with this blogging site that I was indeed encouraged to shift and yes, the newest posts of the theironiesofeveryday can now be found at! Check my site for my new updates at

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Follow on guys. More moving on news in the next posts to come.


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